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  • The action of the book mostly takes place in a strange city, in the southwest end of a huge continent, itself situated in an even bigger world. This city becomes the stage of several events, the consequences of which will echo in all the corners of the world. It’s not those events that are in the heart of the book however. It’s the several, seemingly small and ordinary characters, forced in the center of all that’s happening around them. The book follows their jog through everything that’s pouring over them and their attempts to deal with the losses, they suffer.

  • Yeah, no, I’m not answering that here.

  • This world doesn’t have a name, mostly because I couldn’t think of any. No, I’m kidding! In “When They Shine Brightest”, neither the world, nor the continent are called in any way, because the people, that the story’s about don’t need names for them. Once you delve into the book and understand more about their religion and world view, you’ll understand why this is so.

    The world itself is much vaster than what you see in the book. To a large extend it’s a classical fantasy world, although the accent is much more on antic history, than on the middle ages. It’s a neutral world, meaning that although it takes plenty of inspiration and motives from our own history, it’s not meant to represent а particular place or culture (Bulgarian for example) and instead aims to live on its own.

    Geographically speaking, the world is as big as Earth and its written history stretches three millennia into the past. It’s populated by many different nations with diverse and colorful cultures and religions (and some with names for the world, don’t worry). In “When They Shine Brightest” we meet a very small part of all this, but with every next book I’ll reveal more and more places, people and situations.

  • From my characters. I’m sorry if that answer feels like cheating but my inspiration for this book, for the whole world and for all the books and stories that’ll follow, comes from their characters. Where does my inspiration for those characters come from? I have no idea. I love interesting people and personalities and love making them up and subjecting them to whatever anguish I come up with.

    The whole idea of this fantasy world came from several characters that have been living in my head since my childhood. At first I intended to write one book around all of them. I wanted to show the way we (they, in this case) crook history while writing it and the way that crooked history in return twists us, while we’re reading it. After time that idea grew into an entire world, filled with stories and books and “When They Shine Brightest” includes just one of all those initial characters.

  • Whatever they want. Whatever questions their own minds give birth to while reading it. This isn’t a book with a lesson, it doesn’t lead to one particular moral, nor does it preach some new form of philosophy. You won’t close the book thinking “Yes, love does conquer everything!” or “Yep, we are all doomed!” or anything of the sort. “When They Shine Brightest” tells the story of several characters – neither all positive, nor all negative – and their lives. My aim is for the reader to fall in love with all of them and suffer a bit on behalf of all of them. And upon closing the book to have that special type of sad smile on his/her lips, that tells about a recant hotchpotch of emotions.

  • A good-hearted kind of naivety. The one of a kid that has a new car toy and wants to see what it can do. The style of the book is suitable for all readers so I just thought I should try and see what happens. I’m currently working with a wonderful and gifted translator, looking for editors with native English and working on marketing and crowdfunding campaigns. Let’s just hope the car toy survives.