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About the Author

author-photoSo … uhm … yeah. Hello!

Every time I sit down to write about myself, whether it’s to publishers, editors, translators or childhood friends, some people around advise me to make it official and serious. Well here I don’t think I will! I intend to write the blog and such in the site in a friendly and open manner, even if it doesn’t suit the tone of my books (indeed, it doesn’t*).

My name is Yordan, I’m 27 years old and I’m from Bulgaria. I also happened to write a book. For most of you this should be enough, but for those with an unhealthy amount of curiosity – I continue. My mother works as an HR manager and my father is a pianist. The sheer fact that I’m a fantasy writer should tell you how well I work with people. And if you read my book and decide that “This dude doesn’t have an ounce of talent!” just wait to see how pianos flee in terror when I enter the room. Fortunately my little brother has enough musical talent for the both of us so the reputation of our generation of Zhelyazkovs is not at stake.

I’ve been reading ink-stained pieces of trees ever since I was four but it wasn’t until fifth grade that I got addicted to sci-fi and fantasy. One of the many upsides of the mathematics high-school that I was enrolled in back then was the city library, located right next to it. Tolkien, Brooks, Zelazny, Zahn, Adams and co. obsessed my pre-teen head and now you read the end result. Rejoice!

As most young and actively reading kids I too had my attempts on writing even then. One of the more notable ones was a huge fantasy gamebook. It met its demise when I got irreversibly entangled in the navigation between the chapters. It probably had something to do with the fact that it was all on paper. Another attempt was an encyclopedia about animals (yeah!). I wrote a couple of pages for each species of wild cats and started the birds of prey when I encountered a tragedy – I ran out of pictures of animals from chips and wafers. And since my painting skills didn’t overtop my musical talent, that art project met its demise as well. It’s a hard life, the life of the writer, my dear reader.

In the face of these and other writing fiascos, the young me started developing some other interests. From classic rock I started listening to heavy metal. As a kid with no PC at home I eventually started walking (and still do) on the edge of the dark abyss of PC gaming. So if you read my book and don’t decide that “This dude doesn’t have an ounce of talent!” but instead that “This dude has wasted his talent so badly!” – gaming is to blame!

Very soon however, it turned out that my interest in mathematics isn’t nearly high enough for all intents and purposes so I was forced to look for Happiness elsewhere. More particularly – by taking a four-year course in Economics at the local University. Y-y-yeah … During the next several years I changed a number of equally boring and aimless job positions but in the meantime I also met my girlfriend! Every wrong path has its right turns – who knew?! Another such right turn was my decision to revive writing as my hobby.

With one or two extra folds on my brain I started building a rather big fantasy world and began to write plots and stories within it. A couple more years passed and I finally grew tired of the constant jumping from one pointless job to another and started a Master’s degree in Creative Writing at New Bulgarian University. Four semesters later and – Bam! – a book! Over twenty amateur and professional proof readings and feedbacks as well as over a googolplex edits and rewrites, dragging me to the brink of madness and – Bam! – a readable book! Furthermore – a readable book in a genre and style that’s admired and read all over the globe. So I also decided to find a professional translator and give online self-publishing a go.

And here we are now.

I said it before but I guess I should say it again – this bio has that tone because I just felt like writing it this way. However this is not the tone and style of “When They Shine Brightest”. After writing several hundred formal and serious emails in the past couple of months, the fan of Pratchett and Adams in me just got loose for a bit. The book(s) and stories on this site however have and will have the tone of modern fantasy. While I was writing in this past year I mainly read Jordan and Sanderson, but I’m also a fan of fantasy novels with a bit lower fantasy element, ala Martin and Hobbs. Or in other words – there are no green-skinned elves, riding pink-scaled dragons and shooting rainbows out of unicorn horns, but there also isn’t any excessive (or at least unnecessary) violence and terror. My focus is on the characters, their experiences, pains and joys, so have that in mind.

A-a-and I think I’m done. I don’t know if those that agitated me to write this description in an official and serious manner were right, but I’m glad with how it turned out. If you agree with me, I’d love it if you give my book a chance. If you disagree, then there’s quite a chance that you’d actually even like it.



 *Furthermore, this text, the blog posts and everything that’s non-fiction on the site will be written directly in English by me, the author. All novels and stories however won’t be. They’ll be translated professionally by a gifted, experienced and native speaking translator and go through professional editors.