An interview for Risingshadow!

ASq0r5NvHi everyone! Yesterday I gave another interesting interview, this time for and entirely in English. The full interview, you can see here, on their website, and here are the first couple of questions:

- Could you tell us something about yourself in your own words?

My name is Yordan, I’m 27 years old and I’m from Bulgaria. I’m what you might call a “first generation, Eastern-European nerd.” I was born one year before the fall of communism so I lived my childhood in a country that was just opening its gates and mind to the western world. A big part of western literature, comics, animations, games, mainstream movies and music poured on us like like rain over a desert. Needless to say, once I became old enough to go by myself to the library, the bookstore or the computer club, my whole life changed and I developed an overwhelming love for fantasy and sci-fi. After that, there was really just one route I could take.

When I was in school I had my first attempts at writing – several short stories, a game-book fiasco, and an even greater fiasco involving an encyclopedia about predators. That didn’t stop me however and after a brief hiatus during my first couple of university years (studying marketing), I renewed my writing hobby. And this time it evolved into something more than a hobby.

- What inspired you to become a fantasy author?

Well, it sounds silly, but I think it was webcomics. I had just started reading several of them and one night I just thought I want to be like their authors – stay at home, write what I love and make money while doing it. It sounded so easy. Of course, I wasn’t going to write a webcomic – I had already started working on a plot and some notes for a manuscript, so I decided that once I turn it into a novel, I’ll just sell that novel on the internet. What could possibly go wrong?